4 Benefits of Earning a Degree in Business Administration

There are many ways to get a business degree and prepare you for a long and lucrative career of your choice. Among the most beneficial is a business administration degree, simply because it can give you the educational foundation for a whole range of career options. You may not be sure what your future plans entail quite yet, that’s what makes business administration such a smart choice. It can help you become an entrepreneur, a CEO, a marketing guru, or set you up for a job in accounting. The sky’s the limit when you get this type of degree.

This is a diverse and engaging program that can provide a number of pathways to success no matter which career goals you ultimately set for yourself down the road. If you’re undecided as to your future, choosing to take a business administration program at a school like UAB or Sarah Lawrence College could be the best decision you can make right now. In fact, there are four distinct benefits to earning a degree in business administration.

1. Salary Considerations

Graduates who go out into the workforce with a business administration degree under their belt have been shown to make more money than their peers who did not attain a similar degree. This is according to the Department of Labor and Statistics which determined that the median annual income for these wage earners came in at around $65,000 in 2015. By comparison, the annual income for those working in other job positions was just under $37,000 during that same time period. Their growth potential for jobs in business-related industries is up by 8% and growing steadily.

2. Wide-Ranging Employment Opportunities

Since business administration gives you the tools to succeed in a variety of industries that are as far reaching as science, law, finance, even government and the arts, a degree can give you a multitude of options for finding a good job in the future. The job market is very competitive and employers like having personnel who are well-equipped to adapt within their skill set.

3. Write Your Own Ticket

A business administration program can pave the way all kinds of opportunities and it can prepare your work in any field. So if you’re not sure how you want to make a living, this degree can provide you with the prerequisite skills for just about any career path you choose. It’s also a reliable safety net to fall back upon should you decide that you want to change careers later on in life.

4. Fit in Anywhere

The speed of business is only getting faster and that can make learning to adapt even more vital to your success. Companies are growing and evolving constantly, jobs titles change or get phased out, technology alters how certain positions are viewed by efficiency experts for redundancies. Having a business administration degree can ensure that you will always be a valuable member of the company due to your ability to be flexible and call upon your vast knowledge to fill any role at a firm big or small.