5 Reasons Why Azure Certification is a Secret to a Bright Cloud Computing Career

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Microsoft Azure is a reliable cloud computing service that is used for developing, testing, and deployment on the Microsoft’s data centers. This internet based model provides shared data and computer processing to various systems on demand.

The cloud services facilitate universal access to various individuals that enables us to transform information easily that too with a minimalistic effort. Also, these services are cost effective, so you don’t have to invest a high amount on its setup. With the increased use of cloud services, there are a number of small and large scale organizations that have adapted the cloud technologies. And with the increased usage, the demand for the skilled cloud computing experts is also high.

Microsoft Azure 70 543 certification is one of best the courses that is used and can be used to enhance your skills in the field of cloud computing.

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The Microsoft Azure training provides you with the practical and an advanced knowledge of concepts on cloud computing. Here are the five reasons why an Azure certification is a secret to a bright cloud computing career-

  1. Many organizations are adopting the Azure platform

MS Azure is now almost used by the 57% of the large scale organizations. As per the information by Microsoft, more than 1000 customers are signing up for azure every day. A total of 3, 65, 000 companies are adopting MS Azure every year.

  1. Microsoft Azure is an open-source platform

Azure can be easily integrated with the existing Microsoft software’s and products. It is one of the most famous Linux Operating systems that uses a large portion of cloud computing world.

  1. Azure is approved and certifies

Microsoft Azure has received an official approval and accreditation from the Government of the United Kingdom. Also, its commercial cloud revenue has gone above 102% with revenue of $6.3 billion.

  1. Azure uses existing technologies and manages a worldwide network

With the use of Azure, you all get access to various existing technologies like Windows, Linux, Active Directory, and Visual Studio. It uses third party tools and manages 26 data centers across the globe.

  1. Microsoft Azure comes with an enhanced IT infrastructure

Azure easily integrates with the existing IT infrastructure including cloud and the data centers. With a secured hybrid database, it has efficient storage and residency solutions that give you an extended IT infrastructure along with reliability and stability.

The setup has improved, costs have reduced, and flexibility has increased, which has led companies to go towards Azure.

There are several online courses over the web that will provide you with an ideal Microsoft Azure training. A proper certification in Azure is necessary if you are looking to build a career in cloud computing. Moreover, you should consider an online source rather than the conventional one to save your precious time.

One should learn this certification of if you have prior knowledge of working with cloud deployment and other services.