Educational System: The Meaning, Aspects and Social Functions of Education

Education is indispensable to the society and an individual. Without education, there could be the loss of the standards of conduct and the accumulated knowledge for all these ages. An individual must be equipped with the instructions of living in a modern society and culture. He must also learn the expectations and rules of conduct about the future behavior and the prevailing culture.

Meaning of Education
The term has different meanings. The word can be interpreted regarding their purposes, needs, and past experiences of a person. The teachers, parents, administrators, politicians, and religious leaders interpret that term in different ways. For a student, education means receiving a degree or a diploma after acquiring knowledge. A teacher may interpret it as a means of creating a new man in the society. On the other man, a statesman may interpret education as a means of training responsible and ideal citizens.

From place to place, the meaning of education differs. It has passed through many stages of evolution and ages. The cradle meaning of education was to awaken and develop a child through moral, physical, and intellect states required of him by the society.

Aspects of Education
In the modern world, we can indicate several aspects of education in sociology. In the first place, learning is a creative experience. A man acts creatively when he responds to stimuli. Education, in other words, is the creative aspect of a learner. In the second part, education has two learning ways such as formal education and the informal education.

The latter serves as a continuous function for the rest of the individual’s life. Formal education is a highly-elaborated procedure or devised technique for creating learning situations in the student. Education can also be broader or narrow. A formalized process of education is referred to as narrow. Visit this website for more information.

Social Functions of Education
As a social institution, education plays a big role in society. The education function is multi-dimensional. Education performs the socializing functions for various personality development and social roles. It is the most integral part of controlling the society. For the simple society, education is a necessary right to the modern world.

1. Socialization
Socialization is the most important part of education. People must learn about the society culture and its functions. Therefore, these students grow to have a test of the culture they are about to face. Therefore, the society provides a teaching program that inculcates values, social skills, and norms for individuals to fit.

2. Personality development
The development of a personality is agitated by education. The main function of education is to awaken the student in the intellectual, physical, and mental processes required to shape a new citizen in the society.

3. Social control
Education also acts as a tool used to regulate the individual’s behavior through the transmission of a communicative idea to new generations. Because it is a broad sense, it communicates ideas and values that help in the regulation of a person’s behavior.

In the end, no one can deny that education is the key to success.