Why Major in Accounting in College?

Accounting is one of those majors that can open a whole lot of doors once you have your degree. But while this is a major that might be something to consider as a crucial stepping stone towards a bright future, it’s also a subject that requires a passion for all things finance. You don’t have to know what your career path holds quite yet and that’s one of the great things about getting an accounting degree, it’s a foundation for a myriad of occupations and job positions later on. Of course, most of them revolve around money but not all. An accounting major can prepare you for more than just a career as a Certified Public Accountant. It can give you the tool necessary for getting a job in law or government as well.

Above all, however, you must have the drive to succeed in accounting. You can’t open those doors to greater opportunities if you sleepwalk through your classes simply due to the fact that you’re taking the course because you don’t have a game plan for the future yet. Many students don’t know what they want to do with their lives by the time they get to Cal State University Northridge and so they try out a number of different majors. By all means give accounting a shot, but unless you feel a true connection to the course work, find something else instead. Accounting can offer a wide range of benefits, but only if you’re ready to commit to it fully.

Building Communication Skills

Accounting can give you the tools to be a better communicator. It relies on interaction with clientele, regulatory organizations, the IRS, a whole range of people and agencies in both the written word and oral discourse. Taking an accounting course can help you improve your communication skills and that can serve you well in just about any profession you choose after graduation.

Various Degrees

An accounting major has a diverse menu of degrees to pursue in order to get the job he or she really wants later on. Some students opt for Maryville’s online bacherlors degree in accounting. Others may go for an associates or master’s degree instead. Each one provides a pathway to certain careers and job positions in a variety of industries. You can even opt for specialized certifications in your chosen field to make you a more attractive hire to prospective employers.

Employment Prospects

Accountants are a critical component in business and that’s why it’s a profession that will always be in high demand. Studies have shown that job prospects for accounting majors are trending upward at 11% over a ten year period beginning in 2014. That increase is better than the average trends for almost all other popular occupations combined. Isn’t nice to know that you’ll have real potential employment opportunities waiting when you graduate? The job market is tough and anything you can do to help your chances of landing a good job should be done in college. A degree in accounting may just be the perfect solution.